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Summa of the East

Pioneers of Macao - The story of 14 Chinese who helped to make the city

Author: Mark O'Neill ISBN: 9789996559204 Language: ...

Sales price: MOP200,00

Pioneiros de Macau - A história de 14 chineses que ajudaram a construir a cidade

Author: Mark O'Neill Translator: Fernando Correia ISBN: ...

Sales price: MOP290,00

The New Silk Road and the Portuguese Speaking Countries in the New World Context

Authors: Fernanda Ilhéu, Francisco Leandro and Paulo ...

Sales price: MOP180,00

The Western Pioneers and their discovery of Macao

Author: J. M. Braga ISBN: 9789996559013 Language: ...

Sales price: MOP250,00

Timor ― da guerra do Pacífico

SOLD OUT Author: Fernando Lima ISBN: ...

Sales price: MOP150,00

澳門土生仔女 - 土生葡人社群的今昔

Author: Alexandra Sofia Rangel ISBN: ...

Sales price: MOP120,00