Pioneers of Macao - The story of 14 Chinese who helped to make the city

Author: Mark O'Neill
ISBN: 9789996559204
Language: English
Edition year: 2018
Place of publication: Macau
Sales price MOP200,00

Macao was the first European settlement in East Asia and has a history of more than 450 years. During that time, many remarkable people have left their mark on this historic city. This book profiles 14 of them - the father of China's railway, the first Chinese Catholic bishop, two gambling magnates, the composer of China's war anthem during the conflict with Japan, a Eurasian who was one of the most successful compradors of his generation and the first lady priest in the world's Anglican Church who ministered to hundreds of refugees during World War Two. Through their lives, the reader can gain a detailed understanding of Macao history and its dramatic periods of wealth and poverty.