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Macau-in-Coimbra - Highlights from the EACS ’14 Conference

This book purports to publish some of the papers and ideas ...

Sales price: MOP200,00

Making Impressions - A Portuguese family in Macau and Hong Kong, 1700-1945

The book is based on Dr Stuart Braga’s doctoral thesis at ...

Sales price: MOP480,00

Macaenses - The Portuguese in China

From António M. Jorge da Silva, “Macaenses – The Portuguese ...

Sales price: MOP180,00

When the Jacarandas are blooming with us

The Poetry Collection of the 3rd Dialogue between Chinese ...

Sales price: MOP70,00

Macaense Cuisine - Origins and evolution

This book describes the origins of the Macaense Cuisine and ...

Sales price: MOP280,00

Pearl River Delta - From World Factory to Global Innovator

The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is China's economic powerhouse. ...

Sales price: MOP200,00