Before the First Guangzhou uprising in 1895 - The Macau Experience Deciphering the Revolutionary Thoughts of Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Autor: Fok Kai Cheong
ISBN: 9789996559044
Idioma: Inglês
Ano de edição: 2016
Local de publicação: Macau
Preço VendaMOP100,00
In commemoration of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen´s 150th Birthday Anniversary, Fok Kai Cheong remembers his life, thought and political activity, a highly respected figure in modern China.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen has offered to the world´s most populous nation new perspectives and other options of self-affimation which openned the way for a completely different future for the country and its people. The various chapters deal with the arrival and stay of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Macau and explain the reasons for the choice of this city for his revolutionary activities and the valuable influence he received here conducive to the success of his cause.
The English translation of this book was done by Rebecca Chan, an edition of IIM ("Summa of the East" collection), together with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Millenium Institute of Macau, with the support of the Macau Foundation (FM).
Also available in Portuguese version.