China's Techno-Nationalism in the Global Era - Strategic Implications for Europe

作者: Luís Cunha
ISBN: 9789993745921
語言: 英語
出版年份: 2016年
出版於: 澳門
This up-to-date study by Luís Cunha, a top researcher who combines masterful scientific writing with innovative narrative that flows between essay and analysis, plays a key role in understanding China' s strategy of modernisation for the 21st century in the field of new technologies, based on the insight of a techno-nationalist ideology apllied to Chinese relations with Europe in the areas of innovation and technological cooperation.
Understanding science to be a critical driver in economic development and international competition, China has gone ahead with an ambitious programme aimed at turning the country into a global scientific power before 2050, and one that will be capable of meeting the needs of both economic development and military modernisation. Techno-nationalism emerges as the mobilising factor of a visible global strategy in China's attempt to gain a key position in technological and scientific innovation.