The International Institute of Macau (IIM) will put on the digital platforms a series of twenty videos that it had prepared to celebrate the twenty years of the Macao SAR. These videos, with an average duration of about 3 minutes each, portray the state of evolution and progress of Macao in the last twenty years and are spread over different themes, such as the years of Macao SAR, ranging from Heritage to Science, and from Education to the Creative Industry, through Environment and Links to Lusophone Countries.

Initially, they would serve to complement an exhibition of more than 100 photographs that would be shown by several cities in North America, Australia, Brazil and Portugal, as well as demonstrations of Macanese cuisine prepared to take place in some of the cities where the diaspora Macanese community could provide support for its realization, as was done previously during the IIM program for celebrations abroad, for the 10 and 15 years of Macao SAR.

Due to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the program had to be reformulated and, in addition to showing these videos, exhibitions of that collection of photographs should be held on two digital platforms, one of which is located in China.

This online exhibition will be launched on the 20th of August and can be viewed, for twelve months, through a direct link, from the IIM website and Facebook.

In the meantime, the possibility of producing a video, in Chinese and English, of about 30 minutes, which will be shown on Canadian television channels (both in Greater Toronto and British Columbia), and which will be also introduced on digital platforms.

Depending on the conditions and the evolution of the outbreak of the viral epidemic, IIM expects to still be able to carry out a physical exhibition in Hong Kong, with the collaboration of the Club Lusitano, as well as hold a show of Macanese cuisine in its recently renovated facilities.

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20 anos raem

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At the end of 2016, under the responsibility of the International Institute of Macau (IIM) and with the support of the Macau Foundation (FM), journalist and researcher Joquim Magalhães de Castro collected the testimony of Macanese residents in North America, having toured several cities for record the oral history of the experience of these emigrants and family members.

As a result of this work, IIM began to prepare a series of videos about the Macaense Diaspora in North America presenting, in the first part, the personal testimonies of those who lived those troubled times in which the Japanese invaded northern China, the withdrawal of Macanese families from Shanghai, the subsequent Pacific War and the occupation of Hong Kong, a period when many of them took refuge in Macau where an extraordinary number of other refugees also flocked.

This initiative aims to preserve the memories of the Macanese communities scattered around the world, to make the new generations aware of the social changes that caused the great migratory flow of people from Macau, the reasons for their “displacement” and to remind them that their roots are still in Macau.

The project contains a total of four documentary segments of about 30 minutes each, with each segment of the series being able to respect different parts of history and experiences. The first and second episodes are already made and the third in the process of being completed, including subtitling, during this year.

The first of the series had already been shown, in a preview, in late 2018, having received favorable comments. In 2019, it was presented to the public at the University of Macau and later promoted to the public of Chinese speakers on Macau Cable TV. The documentary was also selected to debut in the “Sound & Image Festival 2019” contest, in December of that year.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which lasted this year, IIM chose to schedule these two episodes of the documentary on its pages on the digital platforms Facebook and YouTube, starting at 12 noon on the 14th of August (Friday), both subtitled in Chinese and Portuguese. The IIM hopes, in this way, to attract more public views, not only from Macau but from other parts of the world.

The documentary entitled “Macaenses - Uma Odisseia”, is being produced based on the script of the researcher Mariana Leitão Pereira, with editing by António Pinto Marques, and original songs composed and performed by several Macanese artists, namely Armando Santos and Isa Manhão Seto.


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Capa Macaenses Odyssey Part 2

Capa Macaenses Odyssey Part 1

Cartaz divulgacao Macaenses Odisseia

IIM´s books are available (through Livraria Aberta, C2) at the Polytechnic Institute (IPM) gymnasium for the Macau Book Carnival, until 19 July. Please take a visit!

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In this weekend, we are at the Mandarin House for the 15 years anniversary of the Macau Historic Centre in the World Heritage list. Among many associations and products of the cultural heritage, IIM joins in this initiative with the some of the publications in this event. Please take a visit!

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As an incentive to young students, teachers, graduates and creatives to research and further study for the sake of the development of the Macau’s Special Administrative Region’s development – in the strategic sectors of economy and diversification, heritage and identity, applied sciences, and History of Macau – the International Institute of Macau (IIM), with the support of the Macao Foundation (FM), has decided to enlarge the scope of the “Young Researcher Award”, being attributed since 2001.

The enlargement of the targeted areas is not only justified by the need of adaptation to the most recent social, economic and educational evolution, but also with the stimulation of the participation, of the new generations, towards the construction of a common future, in a time where the scope of intervention and opportunity horizon is strongly diversified and the educational system has much grown and expanded.


The targeted areas are the following, for the year of 2020:
► Social Sciences;
► Applied Sciences.


Download the Rules and Application Form:


Application Form

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