Macau Saint John Festival (23 and 24 June 2018)



The IIM launches the following video contest "VIDEO OF THE BEST MOMENTS OF THE SAINT JOHN FESTIVAL - IIM 2018". Enter the Facebook page (@MacauSaintJohnFestival), press "like" and follow it and upload your video to get an award!

1. Targeted to young people, this contest intends to portray and capture the best moments of the two days of the event;

2. All the people who are visiting or participating in the activities of this Festival is allowed to join this contest;

3. The video must be published on the abovementioned Facebook page and cannot exceed more than 2 minutes of the recording time;

4. Video recording can be done through the mobile device, and it is allowed to use any creative applications to achieve the best effect to the video;

5. The awarded videos and their images will be used for the next year’s promotional video of this Festival;

6. The participation in this contest authorizes automatically the use of the video images (copyright) by IIM, for the video mentioned in the previous topic;

7.The contest has 3 types of awards:

  1. Main award: MOP$2,000;
  2. Consolation award: MOP$500;
  3. Consolation award: MOP$500;

8.The best videos will be awarded according to the evaluation of the juries, nominated for this contest;

9.The contest closes at 6:00pm on June 24, 2018;

10.The announcement of the prizes will be made during the afternoon of June 24, 2018, through the same Facebook page (@MacauSaintJohnFestival);

11.The awards ceremony will be made at 7:00pm on June 24, and the winners must be present at the Festival to receive the respective award. The winners must confirm at the IIM tent or through INBOX of the mentioned Facebook page, their presence at the ceremony until 6:15pm, after which the winner will be duly contacted;

12.The absence during the ceremony of the winners on the last day of the Festival will result in the cancellation of the award, transferring to the next highest ranked contestant.



Acceptable source video includes sources that are not copyrighted. All participants take responsibility that all images and soundtracks are not copyrighted material. Entries containing any unauthorized content will be under the responsibility of the author or participant only.



Melhores momentos

This year's Identity Award was bestowed ex aequo to two personalities residing in the United States of America for their contribution to strengthening the sense of belonging to Macao. The governing bodies of the International Institute of Macau (IIM) decided to grant this Award to Frederico Alberto Silva, better known by Jim Silva, and António Manuel Pacheco Jorge da Silva. They have dedicated the best of their years to serving the Macanese Community in the Diaspora, both of whom as President respectively in the Macanese American Union (UMA) and the Lusitano Club of California.

Jim Silva was a professional in the financial area in Hong Kong, having written texts that were published into books on his memoirs of the Pacific War, and his knowledge of the patuá, religion, cuisine and cultural legacy of his grandparents, elements which can be aggregators of a community. Jim Silva published six booklets, including "All our Yesterdays" and "Reminiscences of a wartime refugee in Macau".

António Pacheco Jorge da Silva, who worked as an architect in Macau, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the USA, retired early to devote himself to writing the history of Portuguese descendants in Macau, including his experiences in many regions of China and integration into the countries of the diaspora, and analyzing their social and cultural implications. Among his works are "The Portuguese Community in Hong Kong (2 volumes)" "The Portuguese Community in Shanghai”, "Macaense Cuisine - Origins and Evolution" and "Macaenses - the Portuguese in China", which is being translated also into the Chinese language.

Unselfishly and persistently, they have both devoted part of their lives to publicize the history and culture of Macao and enhanced the appreciation and strengthening of the Macau Identity.

The Award, instituted since 2003, is given by a collective decision of IIM's social bodies and aims to award individuals or institutions that have continuously contributed to the strengthening and enhancement of Macanese identity. Among those awardees in the past, include such figures as Monsignor Manuel Teixeira, Henrique de Senna Fernandes and Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales, and institutions such as the Diocese of Macau, Holy House of Mercy (Santa Casa da Misericórdia), the University of Macau, the Portuguese School of Macau (EPM) and other bodies, both local and abroad, linked to the Macanese diaspora.


A delegation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences of the People´s Republic of China (CASS) – Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) and the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) – visited the International Institute of Macau (IIM) on 20 March 2018 and were received by the secretary-general of IIM, Rufino Ramos, and collaborators. The delegation were represented by professionals of the academic area, professors and researchers, and with the company of Wang Cheng´na, Vice Chairman of the China World Trade Organization Research Association and former secretary-general of Forum Macao. The visitors took time to look for more detailed information on IIM's academic and cultural activities locally and abroad, especially with regard to Macao's role as a platform for economic and trade exchange between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The IIM reflected the institution's role in disseminating more informed knowledge about Macao's cultural functions, the close collaborations and support with different entities in the academic, political and social areas of those countries, and with the Macanese diaspora communities; the advantage of synergistic collaboration between the IIM and Forum Macao; and the vast number of publications IIM has edited on subjects of the modern China, heavily focused on the Greater Bay Area and the project of One Belt One Road initiative.

Several suggestions were made to increase the flow of trading goods in both directions, using Macao as a commercial warehouse, and to expand the functions of Macao, allowing it to become more prominent as an international financial intermediary.

Finally, a visit to the IIM facilities took place, and an exchange of souvenirs between the delegation and IIM was carried out successfully.

Visita 1

The book China´s Belt and Road Initiative: The role of Macao and the Portuguese-speaking countries was launched on 16 May 2018 at the Consulate-General of Portugal in Macau.

The book is sponsored by the Macao Foundation, produced by Macaulink and the International Institute of Macau as editor. Available in English version on IIM BOOKSHOP, as below link:







The International Institute of Macau has awarded yesterday (31 January 2018) two young students for the research in areas of the Macau SAR. The Young Researcher Award, initiative supported by the Macao Foundation since 2001, aims to incentive young students, teachers, graduates and creatives to research and further study for the sake of the development of the Macau’s Special Administrative Region’s development – in the strategic sectors of economy and diversification, heritage and identity, applied sciences, and History of Macau.

The winners of this contest were Xu Chang (Heritage, Tourism or Identity of Macao Area), with the submitted work named "The Identity of Macanese - Focus on Macanese Cuisine" and Ieong Lok Tong (Economy and Management Area), with the submitted work named "Perception of Generation and workers in recruitment and retention in Macau service industry".
We congratulate all the participants and the panel of jury, constituted by two teachers from the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT), Io Man U and the University of Macau (UMAC), Rose Neng Lai.

Award Ceremony of the Young Researcher Award 2017

Award Ceremony of the Young Researcher Award 2017

Award Ceremony of the Young Researcher Award 2017

Award Ceremony of the Young Researcher Award 2017

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