The Western Pioneers and their discovery of Macao

Author: J. M. Braga
ISBN: 9789996559013
Language: English
Edition year: 2017
Place of publication: Macau
Sales price MOP250,00
The International Institute of Macau decided to publish a new edition of this important book, first published in 1949, which throws so much light onto the early history of Portuguese contact with China.
Relations between China and the rest of the world have evolved in many different ways in the five centuries since Portuguese navigators first landed on the Chinese coast in the early sixteenth century.
This book will continue to inform a modern readership, especially in Macau, of the remarkable origins of this unique city.
Also Dr. Stuart Braga, nephew of the author (Jack Braga), discusses the place of this book in Jack Braga´s growing body of research and writing.