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Author: Fok Kai Cheong ISBN: 9789993745495 Language: ...

Sales price: MOP40,00

The Luso-Macau Connections in Sun Yatsen's Modern Chinese Revolution

Author: Ming K. Chan ISBN: 9789993745549 Language: ...

Sales price: MOP50,00

O Livro de Receitas da minha Tia/Mãe Albertina

Author: Cíntia Conceição Serro Coordination: Aurea Collaço ...

Sales price: MOP150,00

The Portuguese Community in Shanghai

Author: António M. Pacheco Jorge da Silva ISBN: ...

Sales price: MOP400,00

Traditional Macanese Recipes from my auntie Albertina

Author: Cíntia Conceição Serro Coordination: Aurea ...

Sales price: MOP150,00


Author: Carlos Francisco Moura Translator: Zhang Min ...

Sales price: MOP100,00

Memórias do Romanceiro de Macau

Author: J. J. Monteiro ISBN: 9789993745679 Language: ...

Sales price: MOP280,00
Sales price: MOP200,00

Navegar ou Cantar / To Sail or Sing / 航行或者歌唱

SOLD OUT Coordination: Yao Feng ISBN: - Languages: ...

Sales price: MOP80,00

Commemorating Francisco Hermenegildo Fernandes

Author: Kai Cheong Fok ISBN: 9789993745693 Language: ...

Sales price: MOP50,00

Francisco Hermenegildo Fernandes o Camarada de Sun Yat Sen

Author: Kai Cheong Fok Translation and coordination: ...

Sales price: MOP60,00