- On Saturday, 18 June 2016, "Dia de Macau" took place in the church hall of Our Lady of the Rosary.

98 members and guests attended this event, including celebrations with a private mass, performance by The Amigu de Macau orchestra, a repertoire of Macanese and Chinese music. The 15 instruments the musicians played included the pipa, zheng, erwu, guowu, yangqin, medium ruan, dizi and the cello.

- On July 1 and 2 2016, Casa de Macau Toronto joined the Scarborough community in a Canada Day. The “free community festival” was held at the Albert Campbell Square at the Scarborough Civic Centre, along with over 20,000 people. There were over 50 multicultural activities and performances happening over the two days.

IIM and Casa de Macau had a booth with the display of some of the IIM publications.

These events was successful, reaching out to the local community and spreading knowledge about Macau.

The events were supported by IIM and held by the Casa de Macau (Toronto).