The photography contest “My Macau My Love!” is a joint initiative of the International Institute of Macau (IIM), in collaboration with the Macao Digital Photography Association and the Leo Club Macau Central, with the support of the Macao Foundation. 
With a significant participation of local young students and the general public, approximately 500 photography’s were presented to this year’s contest, ended on 31 August. This contest aims to stimulate the people knowledge, mainly between the young people, regarding the rich heritage and the traditions that belong to Macau’s culture. 
The best works will be exhibited at the Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery, located at the Avenida Praia Grande, starting on 25 November until 8 December 2017.
After the evaluation by the jury members of this contest, the best works of the student’s category were Ao Hou Fai, Chio Song Hin and Chao Chi Hun, and for the general category, the best works were Lei Heong Ieong, Li Man Lok and Chan U Long. Finally there are twenty winning honorable mentions for this contest. 
The jury of the Macao Digital Photography Association was composed by Leong Chan Kong, Tam Keng and Si Wun Cheng, and António R. J. Monteiro and Chan Ka Hou were representing respectively IIM and the Leo Club Macao Central.
The open ceremony will be held at the Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery on 25 November 2017 (Saturday), 4:30pm.


Exposição de Fotografias do IIM “A Macau que eu mais Amo!”