Facebook page


The International Institute of Macau recently created a page on the “Facebook” platform, called “Cuzinhaçám di Macau” with the aim of promoting Macanese gastronomy, which has been classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the People's Republic of China.

The platform invites the vast public interested in Macanese cuisine to share their homemade recipes in photography, video or in writing, with the aim of expanding even more the knowledge of the essence of Macanese gastronomy, also allowing the discussion of ideas between interested people, relatively to Macao Cuisine.

As a starting point, eight videos in Chinese and Portuguese, of approximately 3 minutes, were produced and inserted on the page, promoting traditional recipes from some of the well-known delicious dishes, taken from a recently published book. The production of the videos, directed by António Pinto Marques, from Macao, was supported by the Macau Foundation. In the last few months, around 3,000 people have already viewed the videos.


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